UYSELA Castor Wheels – Heavy Duty Furniture Swivel Wheels

UYSELA Castor Wheels – Heavy Duty Furniture Swivel Wheels

Upgrade Your Furniture with UYSELA Castor Wheels

Are you tired of struggling to move heavy furniture? UYSELA Castor Wheels are here to solve your problem! Our 4-inch heavy-duty swivel wheels are perfect for a variety of uses, including hotel, school, and dining car applications. With silent movement and durable construction, these wheels will make moving furniture a breeze.

Key Features

Heavy-Duty Construction

Our castor wheels are built to last, with a focus on durability and strength. They can easily support the weight of heavy furniture without compromising on performance.

Silent Movement

Say goodbye to noisy wheels that disrupt the peace and quiet. UYSELA Castor Wheels provide silent movement, making them perfect for environments where noise is a concern.

Brake and Universal Options

Choose between brake and universal options to suit your specific needs. The brake option provides added stability, while the universal option allows for smooth, unrestricted movement.


  • 4-inch diameter
  • Available in a pack of 4
  • Stem diameter: 35mm (1.4 inches)


Are these wheels suitable for use on carpet?

Yes, our castor wheels are designed to work effectively on a variety of surfaces, including carpet.

Can these wheels be used outdoors?

While they are primarily designed for indoor use, our castor wheels can also be used outdoors on smooth, flat surfaces.


Upgrade your furniture with UYSELA Castor Wheels and experience the convenience of smooth, silent movement. Whether you need them for a hotel, school, or dining car, these heavy-duty swivel wheels are sure to meet your needs. Say goodbye to the hassle of moving heavy furniture and hello to effortless mobility!