TechPlus Motorsport Go Kart 24V – Product Description

TechPlus Motorsport Go Kart 24V – Product Description

TechPlus Motorsport Go Kart 24V

Introducing the newest addition to our line of go karts – the TechPlus Motorsport Go Kart 24V. This electric go-kart is perfect for kids and adults who love outdoor racing and want to experience the thrill of speed. With its adjustable features and sleek design, it’s the ultimate racing machine.

Key Features

Stylish and Powerful

The TechPlus Motorsport Go Kart 24V is not only stylish but also powerful. With its 24V motor, it can reach impressive speeds and provide a thrilling racing experience. Whether you’re a kid or an adult, this go-kart will make you feel like a Formula 1 car racer.

Comfortable Seats

We understand the importance of comfort while racing. That’s why we have designed this go-kart with comfortable seats that provide a great feel while driving. You can enjoy hours of racing without any discomfort.

Adjustable Steering Wheel

Every racer has their own preference when it comes to steering. That’s why we have made the steering wheel adjustable, so you can find the perfect position for maximum control and comfort.

Drift Mode

For those who love to drift, the TechPlus Motorsport Go Kart 24V has a drift mode. With rear-wheel drive and drift capabilities, you can slide around corners and show off your drifting skills.

Entertainment Features

This go-kart is not just about racing. It also comes with entertainment features such as an MP3 player and USB port. You can listen to your favorite music while racing and make your experience even more enjoyable.


  • Material: PP, Electronic components
  • Mode of operation: Driving/RC
  • RC battery: 2 AAA battery
  • Functions: Rear-wheel drive/Drift mode/Early Edu/USB/Mp3/Adjustable steering wheel/Portable wheel below
  • Configuration: Go kart x 1, RC unit x 1, Charger x 1, Battery, Product manual x 1
  • Weight capacity: 50 kgs
  • Product Dimensions: 121 x 73 x 66 cm
  • Recommended Age: Suitable for 3 years & Up

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is this go-kart suitable for adults?

Yes, the TechPlus Motorsport Go Kart 24V is adjustable and suitable for both kids and adults.

2. Can I use the go-kart in drift mode all the time?

While the go-kart has a drift mode, it is recommended to use it in moderation and in appropriate areas for safety reasons.

3. How long does the battery last?

The battery life depends on various factors such as usage and terrain. On average, it can last for several hours of continuous use.

4. Is assembly required?

Some assembly is required, but it is straightforward and comes with a product manual to guide you through the process.


The TechPlus Motorsport Go Kart 24V is the perfect go-kart for those who love outdoor racing. With its stylish design, powerful motor, and adjustable features, it provides an exhilarating experience for both kids and adults. Get ready to dash and krash on this one-of-a-kind racing machine!