Taymar DIN A5 Table Brochure Stand

Taymar DIN A5 Table Brochure Stand

The Perfect Display Solution: Taymar DIN A5 Table Brochure Stand

Are you looking for a sleek and professional way to display your brochures and business cards? Look no further than the Taymar DIN A5 Table Brochure Stand. This transparent brochure holder is designed to showcase your marketing materials in a stylish and organized manner. With the added convenience of a business card compartment, this stand is the perfect addition to any office, reception area, or trade show booth.

Key Features

Transparent Design

The clear construction of the brochure stand allows your brochures to take center stage, ensuring that potential customers can easily see and access your promotional materials.

Business Card Compartment

With an integrated business card holder, this stand provides a cohesive display for both your brochures and contact information, making it easy for interested parties to take away all the information they need.

Pack of 8

Each order includes a pack of 8 brochure stands, allowing you to create a consistent and professional display across multiple locations or at various events.


  • Professional and organized display for marketing materials
  • Convenient access to both brochures and business cards
  • Easy to set up and transport
  • Durable construction for long-term use

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the brochure stand easy to assemble?

Yes, the stand is designed for quick and easy assembly, making it ideal for busy professionals.

Can the stand accommodate other paper sizes?

This particular model is designed for DIN A5 brochures, but we offer a range of sizes to suit your specific needs.


The Taymar DIN A5 Table Brochure Stand is the perfect solution for anyone looking to create a professional and organized display for their marketing materials. With its transparent design, integrated business card compartment, and pack of 8, this stand offers both style and functionality. Elevate your promotional efforts with this sleek and versatile display solution.