Set of 6 Glass Carafe with Lid 1 Liter Beverage Serveware Carafe

Set of 6 Glass Carafe with Lid, 1 Liter Beverage Serveware Carafe

Set of 6 Glass Carafe with Lid

Exceptional Durability & Craftsmanship: Our beverage carafes are constructed with a keen attention to quality, offering durability that can handle everyday use, proving to be a worthwhile addition to any kitchen or bar setting.

BPA-Free: Prioritizing your health, these carafes are BPA-free and lead-free. This means you can serve beverages without worrying about harmful chemicals potentially leaking into your drinks by a safe and reliable option for all your beverage serving needs.

Elegant and Thoughtful Design: With a clear and sophisticated design, these carafes not only enhance the presentation of your beverages but also feature a narrow neck design. This design allows for easy handling and pouring, ensuring a smooth, spill-free experience whether you’re serving at a formal dinner or a casual gathering.

Practical Lid and Fridge-Friendly: The carafes come with clear acrylic lids that seal tightly to prevent spills while preserving the freshness of the beverage. Moreover, their design is such that they fit perfectly in your fridge, allowing for easy storage and cooling of your beverages.

Versatility: These carafes are perfect for various beverages including water, juice, iced tea, or cocktails. They can also be an excellent addition to your mimosa bar, bridal shower, baby shower, and wedding party, making serving easy and efficient.