ETCHR Set of 8 Gouache Paint Brushes – Synthetic Paint Brush Set

ETCHR Set of 8 Gouache Paint Brushes – Synthetic Paint Brush Set

ETCHR Set of 8 Gouache Paint Brushes – Synthetic Paint Brush Set

Are you an aspiring artist looking for high-quality paint brushes? Look no further! Introducing the ETCHR Set of 8 Gouache Paint Brushes, the perfect companion for both kids and adults.

Travel Watercolor Brushes with Canvas Roll-Up Pouch

One of the standout features of this paint brush set is the included travel watercolor brushes with a canvas roll-up pouch. This makes it incredibly convenient for artists who are always on the go. Whether you’re painting outdoors or attending art classes, you can easily bring your brushes with you in a compact and organized manner.

Synthetic Paint Brushes with Travel Case

The ETCHR Set of 8 Gouache Paint Brushes are made with high-quality synthetic bristles. These brushes are designed to mimic the performance of natural hair brushes, providing excellent color retention and smooth application. The set also comes with a durable travel case, ensuring that your brushes are protected and easy to transport.

Perfect for Kids and Adults

Whether you’re a professional artist or just starting out, these paint brushes are suitable for artists of all ages and skill levels. The variety of brush sizes allows for versatility in your artwork, whether you’re working on fine details or broad strokes.

  1. Can these brushes be used with other types of paint?
  2. Yes, these brushes are versatile and can be used with various types of paint, including gouache, watercolor, acrylic, and more.

  3. Are the brushes easy to clean?
  4. Absolutely! These synthetic brushes are easy to clean with water and mild soap. Simply rinse them thoroughly and reshape the bristles before allowing them to dry.

  5. Can the canvas roll-up pouch fit additional brushes?
  6. Yes, the canvas roll-up pouch has extra slots, allowing you to add more brushes to your collection as needed.


The ETCHR Set of 8 Gouache Paint Brushes is a must-have for any artist. With its high-quality synthetic bristles, convenient travel case, and versatile usage, these brushes are perfect for both kids and adults. Whether you’re painting at home or on the go, these brushes will help you unleash your creativity and achieve stunning results.