Ballmers LPD47391 47391 OC-4739-1 Low Pressure Drop Transmission Oil Cooler

Ballmers LPD47391 47391 OC-4739-1 Low Pressure Drop Transmission Oil Cooler

Why Do Our Cars Need a Transmission Cooler?

The operation of the car will generate heat, and heat is what kills an automatic transmission. If you want to extend the life of your transmission and avoid or prolong a costly rebuild, this is a very cheap insurance.


  • Replacement OEM Number: LPD47391 47391 OC-4739-1
  • Compatible: for car, van, light truck, R.V. and towing applications.
  • Type: This is a stacked plate, low pressure drop unit.
  • Fittings: 3/8″ inverted flare fittings.

Package Includes:

  • Transmission Oil Cooler
  • Bolts, nuts, washers and steel mounting straps
  • Brass fittings, high-quality cooler hose, and hose clamps

EM Part Number

The low pressure drop transmission oil cooler’s replacement number is LPD47391 47391 OC-4739-1. LPD47391 transmission cooler advanced Cooling Protection for Car, Van, Light Truck, R.V. and Towing Applications. Suitable for Applications up to 40,000lbs Gross Vehicle Weight.

Transmission Cooler

The transmission cooler can excellently protect your transmission from overheating. When an extra transmission oil cooler is needed for your vehicle, the trans cooler delivers a protection with double the cooling performance. Keep lower temperatures in your transmission.

High Quality

Durable brazed aluminum construction, Delivers up to 15X less flow restriction, 30% more cooling delivers maximum heat transfer. Maintain lower temperatures in your transmission, extend the life of the vehicle you depend on. The 40k transmission cooler’s excellent cooling power offers good protection for your vehicles.

Easy to Install

All parts are included to mount and plumb this Cooler. Directly Replacement and Easy Installing: the LPD47391 transmission cooler is directly installed into the vehicle. It meets or even exceeds the OEM standard and has been factory tested and can be installed directly.


This Transmission Cooler comes complete with 1 Year warranty. Worry-Free Return And Refund Policy, Buy with Confidence! If you have any questions, please contact us with the frame number, and we will provide you with the most correct advice.


The Ballmers LPD47391 47391 OC-4739-1 Low Pressure Drop Transmission Oil Cooler is a high-quality and durable solution to protect your transmission from overheating. With its excellent cooling power and easy installation, it provides a cheap insurance to extend the life of your transmission. Buy with confidence and enjoy worry-free driving!